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"Privacy policy"



The company is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting the information you share with us. The purpose of the current privacy policy is to inform you of the information you send us, especially how it is used, and to inform you of your options regarding our use of your ability to review and correct information and ultimately your choice of our use of the information. By using any of our websites or sharing your contact information, you agree to the assets listed in the current privacy policy.


Collect your information

We may sometimes ask you (for example, when you buy or request a product, contact the company, sign up for promotions, etc.) to provide us with some contact information about you, such as your name, phone number, email address, and credit card information in addition to other information. We may also keep a file of your purchases.

It is important for us to inform you that the final decision to provide us with similar information or not is up to you. However, if you choose not to provide us with it, then you may not be able to take advantage of some of the services we provide, or even buy products or benefit from the offers offered.

In general, you can visit our website without having to provide any personal information about you. We can track the Internet domain address that people use to visit us as we analyze this data regarding preference, trends, and statistical numbers related to site usage. In return, we undertake not to disclose the identity of individual users, unless you voluntarily provide us with additional information.


Use of your information

We pledge to use your contact information only for internal purposes, for example:

Confirm and track your order, subscription, or registration

Preference, tendency analysis and statistics

Inform you of our new products, services and offers

Providing you with other information from the International Furniture Company and information about it.


We are committed to not handling your contact information except in a manner consistent with the purposes for which the information was collected or authorized by you. According to the extent required to achieve similar purposes, we take reasonable steps to ensure that your contact information is accurate, complete, current and reliable regarding its intended use.

In order to provide you with the best services, we may resort to standardizing the information you provide us on the Internet, in our stores, or over the phone. This information can be used to improve and diagnose your shopping experience or other customers, to contact you about our products and to inform you of events that may be of your interest and may also be used for promotional purposes.

In addition, we may contract companies or individuals to provide some services, including credit card processing, shipping, data management, and promotional services, etc. We also allow third-party companies to provide advertisements and / or collect some anonymous information when you visit our websites. These companies have the right to use non-personally identifiable information during your visit to our current website or other websites to provide advertisements about goods and services that may interest you. Usually

These companies use cookies or any third-party means to collect this information.



When you visit our websites, we send to your computer or other device one or more "cookies". We can also use these files for the emails we send you. Often a small "cookie" file is saved to your computer's hard disk when you visit a website. Temporary cookies expire immediately after your usage period ends (that is, when you close your browser). As for "permanent cookies", the information is stored in the hard disk, so the cookie information remains available when your use period ends and when you want to return to the same website at a later time.

In general, cookies are used to improve the quality of our services when you visit our website and other websites of interest to you. We also use cookies to remind you of your identity and provide our products, services and ads on demand in a way that suits your personal interests and the interests of others, especially estimating the size of the audience and helping our online merchants to track visits and sales carried out through our websites as well as processing your request and tracking your status in our promotional offers, competitions and sweepstakes organized by us. And / or analyze your visit patterns.



We are committed to taking physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to preserve the confidentiality and security of the information sent to us. In order to preserve the information sent to us electronically, our websites use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) that encrypts the credit card number, name, and address so that we can only decrypt your information. Unfortunately, it is impossible to guarantee 100% secure data transmission and transmission over the Internet. As a result, we do not guarantee you to maintain the security of all information sent through our website while we strive to protect your contact information in accordance with the extent provided by law. Therefore, if you choose to provide us with the data, you are the only one responsible for its security.

In this regard, we ask that you keep any password you have provided us with in a safe place without disclosing it to anyone. Don't forget to log out of your account and close your browser window when the visit ends. These measures are necessary to ensure that other people do not access your account, especially if you share the computer with another person or if you use any computer hardware in a public place.

Links that lead to the websites of third parties Our websites may include links that lead to websites that third parties are obligated to operate and maintain and thus are beyond our control. Therefore, the privacy policies adopted for these linked websites may be contrary to the privacy policy adopted by us. You are therefore entirely responsible for accessing these linked websites. You must also read the privacy policy of any linked website before disclosing any of your information on the similar website.

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